Saturday, January 26, 2008

truth IS stranger than fiction!

GARDEN OF EDEN (oil on canvas, 53" x 48")

Tonight I was told a true story that is incomprehensible:

There was a wedding. The grandfather of the groom, went up to the grandmother of the bride and said, "You are my wife". He rolled up his sleeve to reveal the tatoo inscibed on his arm by the Nazis. The grandmother of the young bride rolled up her sleeve to reveal her numerical tatoo which was one number away from his. They had each thought the other had died, integrated the nightmare into their reality, and gone on to a new life with a new spouse. Astonishing in its reality.

What goes round comes round

I went to visit an longstanding family friend who had just lost his Mom (yes, with a capital "M"). He lived with her and has to sell the house which is the only one he has known all his life. I left him and went to the Farmer's Market where I bumped into another longstanding friend, a realtor. You know how you hear people's stories when you first meet them and then it's 20 years later and you need a refresher course?

So I asked this realtor friend where he grew up. It was the same block of the same street of the house which needs to have a new owner. The realtor's parents sold every house on that street and in a five block radius as they began their business 40 years ago. And my friend would LOVE to go back to his family's beginnings and sell this familiar house on this familiar street. And by the way, I haven't seen him or his wife in a year. We also found out that we'll be attending the same concert tomorrow for a mutual friend Sharon Katz and the Peace Train who is raising monies for a sucessful music therapy program for children whose lives have been affected by AIDS in South Afica

It's really fun to continually bump into these coincidences.

(watercolor crayon on mylar, 20.5" x 16.5")