Friday, January 18, 2008


Tonite touched me deeply as I heard Jennifer Higdon, the reknowned composer living in Philly, talk about her desire to write a piece for violin, chorus and orchestra. She lacked a muse. As she wandered the hallowed halls of Curtis Institute, she met up with poet Jeanne Minahan. Her words inspired the music for The Singing Rooms. The music as played by the Philadelphia Orchestra, The Philadelphia Singers and violinist Jennifer Koh inspired me as I listened. Minahan's first poem, Three Windows: Two Versions of the Day enveloped me as the words were sung (it's copyrighted so you'd better go buy her book of poems or the music to actually feel the mood!) and I relaxed into listening.

Just then the image of one of my paintings popped into my head: A WRINKLE IN TIME (oil on canvas). The huge painting of my husband and his much older father sharing the same space in a way they never had in real life.

The connections continue as one muse bumps into another.

art IS magic!

Three years ago I was determined to use my art to make a difference in the Philadelphia community. I am a strong believer that if we had more art in the world...real hands on magic would develop. There is something so exciting and transforming about starting with nothin' and ending up with somethin'. SO I decided to gather a group of artists together and get to it.

Our mission is to teach stained glass to any interested 9-12th graders from a local city school's after-school program. We teach the kids to follow their dreams and make whatever they'd like. Glass artists and shops from the community have generously donated all kinds of goodies, and the church that hosts the after-school program helps out too.

None of the students has ever actually created something from glass. Most have serious learning differences. Most can't concentrate for longer than a nano-second...except when they are working on their projects. Suddenly, they are focused for 2 hours. They don't fidget. They wait their turn patiently. They are calm. They are pleasant. They are thoughtful. They are proud. And they come up with some darn creative ideas.

Today was one of those magical days. We had 17 kids (usually we have 8-10) and each one is excited and raring to go. Here are some photos from last year's projects...What do you think!?!

After only one session, each student is on a new road as they learn about themselves.