Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My biking blogger (my blogging biker?)

My son works in a windowless computer lab. It's dark and the walls glow with the monitors' eerie light. This cannot be good for one's soul and I being a mother of some creative abilities decided to end this depressing maddness. What would a good momma do? Pick the trash! There was a stunning window being tossed to the landfill gods. I tossed it into my car and transformed it in my studio.

I wasn't sure what I was going to paint (and to be honest, it took me several years to get it all together) but a lovely outdoor scene in oils on the glass evolved complete with mountains, big sky, lake and hillsides. I even added a biker, standing poised as he was about to begin his adventure and ride as far away from computerland as the imagination would allow. The fact that my son is a biker (that's one of his 3 triathelete skills...sure doesn't take after his momma!) must have influenced my choice of image. As I began to paint the biker, I noticed that he looked suspiciously like my son...

The coup de grace was a window shade which I added to complete the illusion. The best part of this is that HE posted a photo of the painting on HIS blog. http://blog.mr-pc.org/2008/02/05/new-window-in-labrosa. We now have familial multi-generational blogging.


Karen Cole said...

I wonder what your dreams are like.....the sleeping kind.

Your imagination during waking hours is endless.
Taking the window and doing the terrific painting is one thing, putting the window shade on it to complete the illusion is another.

Another great Mandel creation!!!

Thanks fro the birthday wihes, my dear friend,

somepinkflowers said...

very cool!
you are so creative
we need you.


you need to come to the
Bloglandia Polar Festival
and take part!

follow the links
to eb's invitation...

i think you should!

rochambeau said...

Hey Paula,
What a great soul~lution! Looks great!!

Just wanted to say how happy I am that I get to see you on Thursday! You'll love Susanna!

Leslie said...

This is wonderful Paula!

I enjoyed meeting you, viewing Frida's work and spending the evening with all you ladies. It will be wonderful to get to know you better at A & S in May!

susanna said...

What a fun gift! You are a terrific mom to make such a thoughtful, humorous gift for your son. :)

PS - I had a hoot with you and the girls at Karen's place this week. I'm so glad we met!

Kate said...

Paula, this was an elegant (and totally "Paula") solution to the problem. Very classy!

I hope some of your creativity will rub off on me someday. :)

Love, Kate

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rochambeau said...

Hi Paula,
Welcome back. Hope you had a Bon Voyage!!